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          網站首頁 網站地圖


          企業郵箱 數字報紙

          電話:+86-379-6996 1666









          Welcome to Luoyang Kaiyuan Mining Group Co., Ltd. Website! On behalf of all staffs of the company, I would like to express the most sincere respect to leaders at all levels, various circles of society and all customers that always care for and support our group!

          Luoyang Kaiyuan Mining Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive group company integrating the nonferrous metal selection, deep precession, trade, futures and the exploration and construction of new energy. There are more than ten wholly-owned companies in Luoyang Kaiyuan Mining Group Co., Ltd. Over years, thanks to good corporate reputation and business performance, we have established good cooperative relationship with governments and enterprises across the country. We have received consistent high praise from all sectors of the community and won from governments both in the mainland and Hong Kong several times the title of “Tax Model”, “Advanced Enterprise”, “Investment Promotion Model”, etc.

          In the future, Luoyang Kaiyuan Mining Group Co. Ltd. will stand in new journey of the enterprise’s development, and we will thoroughly implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, shoulder social responsibility and mission of the enterprise, use scientific management and continuously improve enterprise’s management level. During the nonferrous metal’s market downturn, we strongly promote strategy transformation plan. Taking the mine development, the purchase and sale of ore products and export and import trades as basis, the company gradually expands investment scale of the mining enterprises, and focuses on establishing a comprehensive and international group enterprise integrating nonferrous metal exploitation and processing, the purchase and sale of ore products, import and export trades, futures, fund-razing, the development and construction of new energy, etc.

          Thanks for your trust and support to the company! We would like to join hands with you to work hard in order to establish a “aircraft carrier” resource enterprise which has a “prominent main business, reasonable structure, advanced management, independent innovation” Kaiyuan Group!

          Let’s join hands and create a beautiful future!

          固 話:+86-379-6996 1666
          郵 箱:kyjt@kykyjt.com
          地 址:洛陽市洛龍區開元大道269號

          友情鏈接FRIENDSHIP LINK

          豫ICP備2021012730號-1 豫公網安備 41031102000293號

          版權所有:洛陽開元礦業集團有限公司 技術支持 青峰網絡 

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